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Grading Information 2010/21


Online Registrations for Season 2020/21 should be open as of the 1st of August.

(link will be published later. Once open please register your child for the season before you come to grading) 


We are asking players to PRE REGISTER HERE for the grade they will be trialling in. This must be done so we know exactly who will be attending each grading session.

Players MUST ONLY attend the grading session that corresponds to their DOB.

Any player attending the incorrect session will be asked to leave and attend the correct session.

Please do NOT assume you are playing up an age bracket.
This is important for us to correctly grade each age bracket.

Reference your child’s D.O.B and attend the relevant session.

Grading Days are as follows:
We are asking that players attend BOTH grading days.

Senior League: League Age 15/16 – Mon 3/8 & Mon 10/8 (DOB – 1/9/2004 – 31/8/2006) 6pm-8pm

Junior League: League Age 13/14 – Wed 26/8 & Wed 2/9 (DOB 1/9/2006 – 31/8/2008) 6pm-8pm

Intermediate League: League Age 13 – Wed 26/8 & Wed 2/9 (DOB – 1/9/2007 – 31/8/2008) 6pm-8pm

Little League Majors: League Age 11/12 – Sun 23/8 & Sun 30/8 (DOB –  1/9/2008 – 31/8/2010) 530pm-7pm

Little League Minors: League Age 10/11 – Sun 23/8 & Sun 30/8 (DOB –  1/1/2010 – 31/12/2011) 4pm-530pm

9U – ModBall – Sun 23/8 & Sun 30/8(DOB – 1/1/2011 – 31/12/2012) 230pm-4pm

*all grading will be conducted at Knights Field, Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill


If there are any questions regarding grading or your child’s ability or you cannot make grading, please let me know or email Matt Watson –

Annual General Meeting

Please see below the notification of our Annual General Meeting to be held post the Junior Presentation Ceremony on 7th April. Included are the details of committee positions and a nomination form for anyone seeking a position.
The related constitution can be found here.

The Castle Hill Knights Baseball Club AGM is scheduled for Sunday 7th April at 4:15pm at the Castle Glen Community Centre (Forecourt – ie behind Diamond 1)

We would love to see you at the AGM.  Attending the AGM will give you a chance to get to know other members of the club, hear about what has been achieved in the last year, a chance to provide any input you may have, and prepare for the future.  Ideally, you might also feel inspired to volunteer to help at the club to make baseball at Castle Hill Knights a great experience for everyone, or even join the committee

As you may or may not be aware, at an AGM positions on the committee become vacant and we elect the office bearers of the club and members of the committee. 

To nominate for any of these roles please click on the button below for the nomination form. Nominations need to be returned to the club secretary on by Sunday 31st March.  Nominations are made in writing, signed by the member nominating and the 2 supporting members of the club, and once received will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.

Nomination form

Outlined below is the existing positions, those that people will or will not be standing again for, and those that we are actively seeking nominations for. 

Executive Committee

POSITION NAME Status 2019/2020
President Mark Maguire standing again in 2019/20
V/P Juniors Matt Watson standing again in 2019/20
V/P Seniors Pat Whitton standing again in 2019/20
Secretary Lindsay Chappell standing again in 2019/20
Treasurer Wayne Edwards standing again in 2019/20

General Committee Members

POSITION NAME status 2019/2020
Teeball Coordinator Dave Martyn standing again in 2019/20
Registrar (Juniors) Elizabeth Ahmed standing again in 2019/20
Registrar (Seniors) Pat Whitton standing again in 2019/20
Results Recorder Amber Taylor standing again in 2019/20
Uniforms (Seniors) Pat Whitton standing again in 2019/20
Uniforms (Juniors) Chiara Foeken standing again in 2019/20
Coaching Accreditation Michael Odd NOT STANDING
Tournaments Coordinator Matt Taylor standing again in 2019/20
Scorers Coordinator Amber Taylor
Umpire Coordinator Andrew Clements standing again in 2019/20
Canteen Coordinator Mark Maguire NOT STANDING
Social Committee Jodi Kirby Sam Martyn Natalie Farrugia standing again in 2019/20
Sponsorship Fund Raising Tim Padovan standing again in 2019/20
Hills Delegate Allan White standing again in 2019/20
Senior League Delegate Pat Whitton standing again  2019/20
Gear Stewards Ben Foeken standing again in 2019/20
Council Coordinator Lindsay Chappell standing again in 2019/20
Dispute Resolution Mark Maguire standing again in 2019/20
Grounds Matt Watson
Lindsay Chappell
standing again in 2019/20
Web Manager Wes Taylor standing again in 2019/20
Knights News Editor Wes Taylor standing again in 2019/20

We do hope that you might join us at the AGM, and encourage others to attend.  We hope you have enjoyed the 2018/2019 season and will be part of making future seasons even greater.

Parents, All They Hear Is QUACK QUACK.

Parents, All They Hear Is QUACK QUACK.

“Do you think he hears what you’re saying?”
“If the coach did his job I wouldn’t have to say anything.”
“So, if he did, you wouldn’t say anything?”
“I can’t help it; he’s my kid, I can say what I like.”
“Yeah you can, but all they hear is quack quack.”

A few years ago I wrote an article called, Dad! It Doesn’t Help! It was about what I learned about myself when I was told by my eleven year old son my quacking doesn’t help; in fact, he didn’t even listen to my quacking, that my quacking fell on deaf ears.

I’d quack loudly instructions, as he was about to bat; I’d sneak behind the dugout and quack softly more instructions; I’d even worked out secret duck calls so only he could understand what I was quacking about. My son also told me none of the kids liked their parents quacking.

But still we quacked because we thought our quacking made a difference; and of course, quacking is a great stress relief.

Most of us do well at keeping ourselves together by not blurting out our stress and frustration. Yet, even for the best of us, the pressure cooker explodes. We are simmering. The heat is turned up. We think the lid is secure. But there it is. Everybody is now wary of the exploding pot.

Your child only hears the QUACK QUACK.

A duck moves gracefully across the lake. What we see up top is different to what we don’t see below the water’s surface—feat paddling at rapid speed.

We couldn’t keep those little paddling feet to just turning over and over inside of us. We feel we must protect and defend the mistakes of our kids, the good of the game, and especially let the umpire know his judgment is floored.

At a recent national baseball championship my son was about to pitch. A scout asked me, do you get nervous and stressed when you see him out there? I said, not while he is pitching because he doesn’t see himself as a pitcher. The scout said, even though his son is in his twenties and plays the game not at a high level, he still is a mess inside watching his son when he is playing. I said, I only really feel it and am churning up inside every time my son is batting.

No matter who we are, we all feel it.

Whether it is because we relate to a parent duck and we want to protect our ducklings from anything that will harm them. Or, we can’t bear watching our child in a stressful, competitive environment. Or, perhaps, because there are fourteen of our genes in him or her (the other fourteen from our partner), and half of you is also out on the playing field and so you have a right to be a part of the action.

To react; to protect; to quack, is perfectly natural.

I’m not an advocate to tell parents they shouldn’t quack. But there are different forms of quacking: from harmless shouts of general encouragement; to interfering parents who feel they must keep on instructing; to some who know their judgment call is far better than the volunteer managing the game.

This is how I learnt to stop quacking.

I asked my son if it helped. I asked him what he thought of it. I got his perspective. Of course, I justified myself to him to why I quacked. Yet, for the first time I realised, this is not about me. I’m going to have to deal with my internal duck feet kicking over in my chest another way: perhaps breathe deeply, and smile, and continually remind myself it is just a game.

I made the decision to STOP. That’s it, no more. I want him to enjoy the game. I want to protect our father/son relationship and not let my ego and quacking get in the way. And, of course, I learnt to breathe deeply, smile, and remind myself it is just a game.

I decided I wasn’t going to just try to stop. Either I stop or don’t stop. If I don’t decide I’ll continue to quack. I wanted to help him by getting out of the way. That’s right, can you believe we can get in the way—a lot.

And I decided I wasn’t going to say anything in the car on the way home where my instructional quacking was worse than my public quacking.

I chose only to say, I enjoyed watching you play.

If he wanted to talk about the game I would now let him initiate the conversation… Guess what; he did. Even then I chose not to instruct. If I quacked it was only to ask questions.

In the end, I am my son’s parent. I’d probably take offence if someone told me how to behave. I’ll quack if I want to, would be my response. But in the end, I choose to look at the game through my son’s eyes and what’s best for him, and what’s best for our long term relationship, and what’s going to help him continue to enjoy the game, excel in the game, and learn from the game.

Never forget, all they hear is QUACK QUACK.

Mark Maguire