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Heat Policy (for Hills midweek and weekend games)


View Heat Policy and printable chart with “cut off” curve.

It is based on a combination of Temp and Humidity.

Key points:

  • DO NOT Start a Game if the WBGT temp is 31 or above.
  • A game “in progress” may continue at WBGT 31 or 32.
  • All play must cease immediately above 32 WBGT.

The game is to be treated as a washout (heat effected) game.

Refer to your conference sheet for the minimum game time to become a “regulation game”.

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Monday 30th November, 7:00PM at Knights Field

In just over a week you have the opportunity to complete a formal “Level O” umpiring course that gives you a lot of practical information to help you when umpiring games. It has been many years since we held such training at Castle Hill and there are no more such courses planned for this season. I would highly recommend coming along.


So what do you need to do?

Register on the website:

On the second page you need to choose the option “Individual Level O Course Registration – $25.00” as we don’t have any registration codes for the “Castle Hill Club and Parent” option.

Complete the registration and pay the $25 fee. Mark Maguire will reimburse you that night!

Please note that there are a limited number of places and you can’t register on the night.

John Manning