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Last Chance Hoodies

***Knights hoodie orders end this Saturday 17 November ***

There can be no extensions in time. If you want a knights hoodie for junior or senior players, parents or grandparents, your dog or your cat, your order must be placed by 12.30pm Saturday.

Order forms are at Castle Glen. Try on sizes are at Castle Glen. If you can’t get there send an order form with your name and cc details to

Remember, these are forward orders and they must be paid for to guarantee delivery before Xmas.

This Weeks Photos 17.11.18

*** TEAM PHOTOS this week Saturday 17.11.18 ***

Teams to have their photos taken please be there at Castle Glen 15 minutes prior and marshal near the BBQ.

Coaches and managers please organise your teams. Correct uniform; shirts tucked in; Peanut butter wiped from the side of mouths; on time.

Team photos are free. The cost of an individual shot will be between $10 to $20 depending on the size of the photo.

Team schedule this week:

7:15        U12 Ken Douglass – Knights
7:30        U10 Archers
7:45        U9 Crusaders
8:00        U8 Squires
9:00        U13 Cavaliers     (Playing at Knights 10:30)
9:15        U10 Crusaders
9:30        U8 Lancers

If you are the manager of the team and have any issues with your time slot you must email Tom at

New HOODIES!!!!!

*** Don’t miss out. On sale only until Sat 17 November ***

But it’s summer, you’re thinking. Will I need a knights hoodie in summer? You’ll definitely need it next autumn, winter and spring and maybe only a couple of mornings in summer.

And yes, we will offer them again during the hottest month of the year (February) for a possible end of baseball season delivery. But the demand we’ve been getting about ‘when are you going to bring in a new hoodie’ has reached escalation point where the knights committee said ‘do it now and give members a chance to buy it for Christmas presents.’

Sizes are available to try on at castle glen from 7.30am tomorrow 10/11 and next Saturday 17/11. Order forms are ready to be filled out. Senior’s players can come at midday. We will remain open till 12.30pm.

This is a quality hoodie especially designed for our club. On sale tomorrow from in front of the canteen. Giddiup!

Knights Hoodie Special

*** Knights Hoodie Special ***
*** available to all juniors, seniors and parents ***
You can try on sizes at Castle Glen over the next two weeks. (10th/17th November)
Orders must be made on this form; copies of the form will be available at Castle Glen.
Alternatively, you can print off a copy and email it in.
Details on the form.
To guarantee your hoodie before Christmas you must order and pay by Saturday 17 November.