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Pitching techniques

It is critical for young players to perfect pitching from the stretch early in their careers. This drill is designed to improve this technique.

Fielding & Throwing Workout

This drill helps younger fields to field like former pro, Derek Jeter with a few simple techniques. Proper backhand technique is crucial when attacking balls outside of that 90 degree range.  This drill isolates the hands by getting your fielder on his knees.

Lessons from a first time Tee Ball coach

“What in the world have I got myself involved with?”

My son Solomon wanted to play tee 6  five, was in his first year of school, and his friends Nick, Charlie and Carter were asking him to show his face at the initiation day. Frieda, my wife, was to have taken him while I took my daughter to a school band rehearsal. Instead, I took him, signed him up, and then responded to the head baseball coach’s altar call for parents to be coaches. Like a good sinner I responded first, with my hand raised high, confessing my allegiance to the club and my son’s team – never having played the game before, never having coached five and six year old’s before—and like always with me, when getting involved in something new thinking “what in the world have I got myself involved with?”Read More »Lessons from a first time Tee Ball coach