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Here are some common teeball and baseball FAQs about playing with the Castle Hill Knights.

Common T-ball questions

What is Tee ball?

Tee-ball is an introductory version of baseball. It is used to introduce children between the ages of 5-8 to the game of baseball. Its a great way for children to develop hand-eye coordination and ball skills.

The main difference between Tee-ball and baseball is that a “tee” is used to hit the ball into play. As baseball involve hitting of a pitched ball, the stationary tee makes it easier for young children to hit the ball and engage with the game. The ball in Tee-Ball is also slightly softer, making it safer for children to field. 

Fielding positions in Tee-ball are generally the same as baseball. 

When does the Tee-ball and Baseball season start and finish?

Tee-ball age groups and below commence October.
Junior Baseball and Modball for U9 age group and above start a little earlier in mid-September; the summer season finishes at the end of March. All games are played on Saturday morning at either 8.30 or 10.30 at various grounds throughout the Hills district. For more information, visit Competition Info – Juniors.

How do I register my child for Tee ball with Castle Hill Knights?

A link will be added to the homepage of the Castle Hill Knights website when registrations are open. You can also get in touch with our Juniors Registrar or VP of Juniors at any time. Visit our committee page for contact information. 

Can my child try Tee-ball or Baseball first before signing up?

Yes! Castle Hill Knights Baseball club provides ‘Try Tee-ball and Baseball’ days in August at Castle Glen Reserve for just this purpose. They are lots of fun! Like us on Facebook so you get notified of our ‘Try Tee ball and Baseball’ dates once they are set. On the days, your child needs only wear sport shoes and sports gear. Everything else will be provided for.

My child is 6, is he/she too young to play Tee-ball?

It’s recommended that children begin when they are attending primary school. The club has found that children younger than 5 have a harder time grasping the game. Tee ball officially begins at the 7U level, the club caters for younger kids by grouping them in different divisions between the ages of 5 to 7 years. There are also competitive t-ball divisions for 8U. For more information visit Competition Info – Juniors.

What is the competition structure for Tee-ball and what age groups do they apply to?

Castle Hill Knights play in the Hills Junior Baseball association. The competition structure, age groups and key dates/times for Juniors are described in more detail on the Competition Info – Juniors page.

Is there training offered and how often do they train?

Every Castle Hill Knights team trains once a week and these training sessions are held at Castle Glen usually after school. The exact time and day of your team’s training will be up to your coach, who will try to pick the most suitable for all attendees.

What if my child can't make that team's training sessions?

Ultimately, it is in the best interest of your child that they attend training. If your child cannot make the allocated training session, please contact your coach to determine the best course of action. Worst case, it may be that the club would need to find another team which would better suit you child’s needs each week.

Can children who are friends or who attend the same school play in the same tee-ball team together?

Absolutely! Our goal is to ensure your child’s experience with baseball is an enjoyable one. Where able, we will always try to place kids with their friends to ensure they are as content as possible.

How long does a tee-ball game go for?

A game’s duration is around 1.5 hours and starts at either 8:30am or 10:30am on Saturdays, depending on the draw for that day. Usually, the team is expected to turn up 45 minutes prior to the start of a game for practice and warm up. (eg. players should arrive at 7:45am for an 8:30am start).

What is the cost and what equipment does my child need?

The cost varies per competition / age group. Your child will need a Castle Hill Knights baseball cap, uniform shirt, white long pants and green belt and a groin protector (optional). Tee-ball players can wear a comfortable pair of sneakers or football boots. Mod and Live ball players would need to purchase baseball cleats separately. Uniforms can be purchased on registration days or from the canteen. A glove will be included the ABL start-up kit for most of our new U8 players or we recommend visiting Red Stitches who have a great range of equipment to choose from. As for everything else, like balls, etc, the club provides the rest of the equipment.

What uniform will my child need to wear?

Each player will need a hat, player shirt, belt and baseball pants. All uniform items can be organised through our uniform shop.

Common Baseball questions:

Who can play baseball with Castle Hill Knights Baseball club?

Castle Hill Knights Baseball club offers teams for children and adults of all skill levels, including T-Ball, Mod-ball, plus Live Pitch Baseball across Little League, Junior League, and Senior League. We have grade-level baseball teams. For more info – video our Juniors and Seniors pages.

When does the baseball season start and finish?

The Knights play apart of the Hills Juniors Association and the Sydney Metro Baseball league.

During summer, the Junior and Senior season generally runs from September to March, with a break for the summer school holidays.

In Winter, our Seniors team play during winter from April to August.

What is the registration process for playing baseball with Castle Hill Knights?

You can register to play baseball for Castle Hill Knights Baseball club online. A link will be added to our website’s homepage when registrations are available or your can contact our Registrar

Is there grading for Castle Hill Knights baseball teams?

Yes, there will be grading prior to the start of the season for Juniors. While most programs are open to all players in the specified age range, regardless of skill level, grading is required for team formations.

How are baseball games scored?

Baseball games in Castle Hill Knights Baseball club are typically scored using standard baseball scoring methods, with runs and innings counted. For more information about scoring, visit here.

Can girls participate in Castle Hill Knights Baseball club?

Absolutely, girls are encouraged to participate in Castle Hill Knights Baseball club. The program is open to all children of all genders in the specified age range.

What happens in case of bad weather prior or during baseball games or practices?

Baseball is an outdoor sport and can be affected if weather is too wet and closes the fields or too hot and unplayable.

In case of bad weather during baseball games, the umpire will make the decision whether to cancel the game. Parents and players will be notified of any changes by your coach. 

Your team’s coach will inform you about any changes about your game or practises. It is also a good idea to follow CHBC on Facebook.

Does Castle Hill Knights Baseball club offer any additional programs or events?

Yes, Castle Hill Knights Baseball club offers additional programs, such as our Winter Development program, advanced skill clinics and school holiday camps throughout the year. News will be posted onto our website and Facebook pages.


Do you have another tee-ball or baseball question?

Get in touch if you have more teeball or baseball FAQs that hasn’t been answered here!