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Registrations Open

  • July 20, 2021October 1, 2021

The 2021/22 Baseball, Modball and Teeball season is fast approaching and it’s time to register your son or daughter with the Castle Hill Knights!

Need help? Follow the instructions in this step by step guide.

Here are some extra tips to use:

  • Register your child for the league age that corresponds to their date of birth (DOB).
  • You can register more than one child at once; you do not need to complete one registration before starting the next.
  • When filling in your registration details please make sure all details are correct and DO NOT USE BLOCK LETTERS to fill in the required details (except for “NSW”). Please triple check spelling and formatting before submitting.
  • If you have an Active Kids Voucher (AKV) that you would like to apply to your child’s registration, make sure you have it ready to enter BEFORE you start registering your child.
  • If your child attended Knights Under Lights 2021 (KUL), as previously advised, the club is giving you a $50 discount on your 2021/22 fees as KUL was cut short due to covid. The $50 discount will be paid to you one of two ways.
  • Please ensure your child is registered prior to attending grading (note teeball players do not attend grading). Giving the ever evolving covid situation, we will let you know the revised grading dates as soon as possible.

Active Kids Voucher $100
This year the Active Kids Voucher can be entered during the registration process. Enter your ACV where you see the ‘Voucher’ header and hit apply.

**NOTE – Just above the Voucher where it asks for the childs DDMM – enter 4 digits only – do not enter DD/MM (with the slash) or DD/MM/YYYY. Just four digits. For example: 1910 = 19th October. You must not have any spaces when entering the ACV number.

Registration Enquiries:
For further registration enquiries contact Elizabeth Ahmed:

Uniform Enquiries
If you have any Uniform enquiries or wish to order a new top please contact Renee

Teeball Enquiries
Email Dave Martyn

Modball and all Liveball Enquiries
Email Matt Watson

Senior Registration Enquires
Email Ben Price

Will you be able to help?

We are a community club that is 38 years old.

We are a successful and a highly desired baseball club because of our wonderful volunteers who serve in the canteen and BBQ, sell uniforms, help mark up the fields, help maintain the fields, coach, manage, score, umpire, keep the young ones under control in the dugout…

And then there are the hard-working committee members that do so much behind the scenes to help make everything run like clockwork.

We sometimes don’t live up to expectations, but more often than not we set a standard that is envied by other baseball clubs all across NSW and Australia.

We need you to be a part of this happy and hardworking community. You will know when you will hear the calling… or feel the tap on the shoulder to put your hand up.

Your children who play the game will be the winners of your community spirit.

Castle Hill Knights thank you in advance.

For anything else that you need help or information that can’t be answered by existing committee members, please email Matt Watson –

Here’s the registration link again..