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Registration for Juniors and Seniors 2017/18

CHBC Registrations are now available online. See below for details…

You can download a PDF version of instructions HERE

2017/18 Registration Procedure.
This year everyone has to create a new “account”. Via the SportsTG online system.
Your account can be based on an email address (or twiter,  facebook, linkedin account)
(I’ve used my email account in this example..)

Below is the “link” to the Castle Hill 2017 Registration Page. Follow it from here or “cut and paste” it into your browser.    (some issues have been reported with Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, and Mac/IOS Safari)      Google Chrome seems to be the most stable of the browsers we’ve tried.

Knights Registration Link

It opens this initial “account setup” page..

First time here?
Then fill in your details (name email and new passwords, then click “Create Account”
NB: If you’ve already created your account and you’ve returned here to register another player, you can click on “Already have an account? Login”.
It will display the “login” screen where you enter your existing email account and password.

If you get the following error ‘Your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted’ one the screen, Sportstg may have your email already recorded from the last database..

Click the “Already have an account Login” link and try to login with your existing Email address and password.

Existing account “Login Page”

Enter your “credentials” (Email and password) and click “Log In”
they have allowed Twitter,Facebook or Linkedin authentication, you should use whatever you used the first time. . (Good luck, I’ve tried to convert to Facebook authentication and have not been successful.)

If your password does not work for you,   try resetting your password by following the “Forgot your Password” link.

The next screen will send you an email,  with a new link taking you to a new screen allowing you to replace your password, (it can’t be one of your previous passwords.)  after resetting your password, restart this procedure.

Once you’re “logged in” you will see the Registration “Basic Details”
Registration Basic Details,

It asks if you are registering yourself or another person (eg: child). If you are “the player”, you can register yourself first.  Select “register myself” and the page will fill in your own details for you to confirm them for the registration record.
If you are registering another person (child), select “Register Someone Else” the page with clear the information displayed and you can fill in the player’s details.

FYI:  The one “login” account can register multiple players.   The “Helpdesk” currently recommend you register one player at a time during this initial “bedding in” of the new system.  I’d suggest you record your receipt numbers for each registration as well. Just to be safe.
Once you’ve entered the player’s details, click next..  It will show any errors or omissions for you to correct.

When your information is correct, It will display the “Registration options” screen..

NB: The “options” shown next will depend on the birthdate you enter on the detail screen above.
Registration Options Screen.


The Baseball Australia and BNSW components are “mandatory”

If this is a junior player it will preselect the available categories based on your birthday, if there is only one it will be mandatory.

Seniors will be given a selection of “available” membership types, please choose the one that best suits you.   (NB: “Life members” still need to pay the Mandatory BA and BNSW components.)

There may be an option to indicate you are a volunteer as well.  It is Free and will let BA/BNSW count the number of volunteers we have for Federal Funding in the sport.  Parents are eligible to select it as everyone will be asked to volunteer at some stage of the Season. Particularly on your team’s “canteen duty” day.

The Total of these “subscriptions” will be presented in the “shopping cart” summary later.

Click Next to display the “Questions and Terms Agreement” page.
Questions and Terms Agreement page.
(nb:  this is a long page, scroll down to see more questions and terms tick boxes.)


The “Mandatory” questions are marked with a red “*”   please fill out the form and tick the boxes on the agreements.  Some extra questions, specifically set for our club, come after the BA and BNSW terms agreements. Please fill in our questions, if you can.  They will help us plan for future seasons.

NB: the Parent email addresses here are limited to 40 characters  (that’s been reported and is being fixed soon).

Click “Next” to proceed to the “Payment Summary Screen”.    If there are any omissions or errors you will get a warning message.  Please correct them and click the “Next” button again to move on.
The Payment Summary Screen.



(while there are links here to “register another person”,  we’ve been advised to complete and pay for one player at a time.)

If there are errors or extra subscription lines, you can click “Remove” on the components you don’t want, (or remove the whole player) and start again.    You can’t remove any “mandatory” components.

If you agree with the Summary, you can click “Proceed to Payment”.

The “Payment Screen” will be displayed..



Payment Screen.

Enter your card details   I know Visa and Mastercard are ok.. other credit/debit cards should work. I’ve heard Amex may have an “issue” and is being addressed.)

Or you can click to “Pay with Paypal”,  to continue with a Paypal authorisation…

Once you’ve completed payment,  you will receive an email confirming the payment.
Record the receipt numbers as you get them. So we have a “number” we can track “Just in case”

That’s completed your registration.

Any Issues.. Don’t Panic..     we’ll work it out.   (This has been a bit of excitement for us as well..)
Contact  Mark Gilchrist 0408267857 or Tanya Freeman to get it sorted..

We both get email sent to


Thank you for registering with us..
and  “Welcome in”  or  “Welcome back”


Best regards

Tanya and Mark G..

Castle Hill Baseball..