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Semi Finals Draw (live Ball)

Draw for Semi Finals 2nd and 3rd February, 2018

Shipley Youth League – Friday Night
Castle Hill v Winston Hills Knights 7.15 pm
Quakers Hill v Rouse Hill Corbin 1 7.15 pm

Cashmore West – Best of three game Final Series
Carlingford Red v Castle Hill Murray Farm 1 ` 10.30 am

Cashmore South
Schofields v Rouse Hill Peel Reserve 1 10:30 am
Quakers Hill v Carlingford Black Corbin 1 10:30 am

Hay League
Quakers Hill v Winston Hills Corbin 2 8.30 am
Blacktown v CH Crusaders Laybutt 2 10.30 am

Street West
Baulkham Hills v Winston Hills Northmead 5 8:30 am
Blacktown v Quakers Hill Laybutt 2 8:30 am

Street South
RH Pumas v Castle Hill Centenary 1 8:30 am
Carlingford v Sch/ Kelly Kellyville 2 10:30 am

Castle Hill v Winston Hills Castle Glen 3 10.30 am
Baulko/Carl v Rouse Hill Centenary 3 10.30 am

Leonard West
Kellyville v Blacktown Kellyville 2 8.30 am
CH Squires v CH Pages Castle Glen 3 8.30 am

Leonard South
Baulkham Hills v Schofields Northmead 4 10:30 am
Carlingford v Quakers Hill Murray Farm 2 8:30 am

Under 11 Jim Bergan
CH Cavaliers v CH Crusaders Castle Glen 4 8:30 am
Winston Hills v Baulkham Hills Sutton 3 8.30 am