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Squad Training and Green Castle Day Info

The Castle Hill Knights Committee is very excited about the upcoming 2016/17 season of baseball. We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to improve everything we do to give all our young players a better baseball and ‘life earning’ experiences. Of course, as always, we not only rely on our dedicated coaches but also on all of the club’s parents to support our efforts and intentions.This year we are focusing on squad based training. Players will train in groups of approximately three teams by numerous coaches teaching different skills and fundamentals of the game. We want no player to miss out on this experience. It will benefit every player and certainly benefit the newbie or experienced coach who sometimes (often times felt in the past) was on his own challenged with new ideas to what to bring to the table, so to say. 

The training concept of squads is something we believe passionately in and if done correctly will benefit all of our players. The club is learning from this as well. And as each week goes by we also will attempt to tweak ways to make the training sessions better. These are the INITIAL time slots for the squads. Because we initially can only use a floodlit ground at Knightsfield until daylight savings begins, the scheduling is tight and warm ups, etc may have to begin on the football fields if the CHFC allow.
Big League and Senior League – U18/1s and U18/2s at 6pm – 8pm*
Minor League – U11s at 5.30pm – 7pm* (training to move to Castle Glen when daylight savings begins)
Junior League – U15/1 and U15/2 at 6.30pm to 8.30pm*
U13/2s and U13/3s at 5.30pm – 7.30pm* (training to move to Castle Glen when daylight savings begins)
U10s at 5.30pm – 7pm* (training to move to Castle Glen when daylight savings begins)
Major League – 13/1s at 6.30pm – 8.30pm* (training to move to Castle Glen when daylight savings begins)
* Approximate finish

We are fortunate this year to have the assistance of long time Castle Hill club coaches to assist us in leading the squads. 
If any team has not been allocated a coach please do not be overly concerned. The players will be trained correctly during the week. The club just needs a parent or two to step up to guide the team on Saturday. All help will be offered about team line ups and how to run everything. 
Very Important for coaches/managers/team reps
A Coaches/Managers meeting is  scheduled for Sunday the 4th of September at 9am at Castle Glen. You must have a team representative at this. This will go for about 30minutes and then we ask for as many as possible to stay around to help with hanging the nets in the newly constructed batting cages and also to finish off any ground maintenance. As the old saying goes, ‘many hands make light work.’
GREEN-CASTLE DAY schedule (our second annual pre-season trial games for most of our teams)
Friday 2 September (Knightsfield)
15/1 at 5.30pm (Ranieri and McGoldrick)
18/1 at 7.30pm (Allan White and Damien Clarke)
Saturday 3 September (Knightsfield)
17/2 8.30am (Stuart Rofe)
17/2 10.30am (Allan White)
Saturday 3 September (Castle Glen)
CG 1 8.30am 13/2 (Andrew Eadie)
CG 1 10.30am 15/1 (Castle and Wheeldon)
CG 2 8.30am 10/1 (zooka) (Andrew Lindsay)
CG 2 10.30am 10/1 (zooka) (Matt Taylor)
CG 3 8.30am 13/1 (Matt Watson and Brendan Wallace)
CG 3 10.30am 13/1 (Scott Tunkin and Michael Odd)
CG 4 8.30am 11/1 (Pat Whitton)
CG 4 10.30am 10/2 (zooka) (Adam Capovilla)
Please email or call Matt Watson (Vice President of Juniors) or Mark Maguire (President) if you need any clarification on anything. 
Or if there is any details on the team lists that are incorrect please contact Mark Gilchrist.