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Time To Register

*** Time to register if you haven’t already ***

To those that haven’t this one is for you. Please read to the end. To those that have, thank you. You may want to read to then end as well. J

Your dead line for registering your child for modball and liveball is

By 6pm Sunday 13 August 2017.

Teeballers have until Friday 22 September.

THIS LINK gives you instructions if you need them. It also has the link to click on for registration.

There is only one section that is creating a bit of confusion. When you come to the section where there are three different dollar amounts on the page and you are trying to click one or the other, there is no need, and you won’t be able to. Just press next or continue. The amount total adds up to your total fee that you are paying. The break up of the figures to the various governing authorities in the game is nothing new. It is now just being made public what Baseball NSW and Baseball Australia receive.

This is why we need your assistance rather urgently to complete your registration and pay online by Sunday 13 August so we can finalise not only the grading of all players but also how many teams we are entering into the Hills Association competition. When we know how many division one, two and three teams we have we can allocate coaches and managers, etc.

If you haven’t registered online and paid by 6pm Sunday 13 August we will have to presume your child is either not playing for the Knights this season or you don’t mind what team he or she may fit in if there is any room left in that age group.

If you have any trouble registering please email

Or if you need to discuss any payment plan or alternate payment measures please email

The volunteers work very hard in this club and gladly and passionately do so. They are all very proud of how well individual players, teams and the club does as a whole. And this is where we need everyone to do his or her part in helping everyone else’s job be that little bit easier.

Though the Castle Hill Knights are a graded club and always aim to place players where their ability can shine our aim is never to look after one child over another or show favoritism or create ‘win at all cost’ teams. We want players to not only learn the game but also use the game as a learning tool for teamwork, respect for

themselves and others, and create better human beings to serve the greater community.

We want player development emphasized more importantly than any particular focus of how many ‘W’s are recorded by the team at the end of the season. If a coach and a parent can instill a bigger picture of human development and character to a player then we believe wholeheartedly the Wins will supersede the losses. If not just on the scoreboard but in life itself.

We are a graded club. There is a tremendous amount of consideration given to all the players and their skills and their development. It is not easy. We wish we could give every parent and their child whatever they ask for with the team and players of their choice. We really do. We understand there are personality clashes among us with both players and parents. And this is OK and this helps us all become better human beings. And with us all striving to be better human beings we make the most of our team and our coach and decide from the beginning of the season we are all going to have an awesome time at the ballpark.

If you lost what this email was about after that mini sermon just remember one thing, please register by Sunday 13 August. Many thanks.

Register HERE now!

Mark Maguire

President Castle Hill Knights Baseball Club