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Trials for Little League Majors

Trials for Hills Little League will be held at Castle Glen commencing at 9:00am on Sunday the 9th Decemberand also on the following Sunday the 16th December before breaking for Christmas Holidays. Players must pre-register for these trials.

Registration is to include player’s name, DOB, Club and two preferred playing positions. This registration is to be forwarded by email to by Thursday 6th December.

To be eligible players:

(i) DOB must be between the 1st September, 2006 and 30th August, 2008

(ii) Must be playing in Hills’ Competition in Hay, Street, Catt, Douglass or Leonard Leagues. Note: Bergan League does not qualify.

(iii) Must not have changed Clubs or Associations since Season 2017/18, without changing Residential Address. Those players who have formal recognition of ‘Friendship status’ are exempt of that Rule.

Should players miss a trial the process will be that if a player ranked above them is cut, so too will the player who has missed the trial.

Also note:

    • The Sunday Development program currently being conducted will run for another two Sundays.
    • Trials for both Intermediate and Junior LL teams will be held on afternoon of Sunday 26 th January
  • Coaches have not yet been appointed for any of the LL teams