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Trials for Hills Little League will commence at Corbin Reserve commencing at 9:00am on Sunday the 31st January, 2021 and will continue until the two teams are selected.
Trials for Junior LL will also commence at Corbin on 31st January, commencing @ 1pm. Trials for the two 10-11 teams will be held on Saturday afternoon 6th February, 2021 from 1pm at a venue to be determined
Dates of trials and venues for Senior LL (two teams) and Intermediate LL (one team) will be advised next week.
Players must pre-register for all trials. Registration is to include player’s name, DOB, Club and two preferred playing positions.
The registration for LL and Junior LL is to be forwarded by email to by Thursday 28th January.
To be eligible players must not have changed Clubs or Associations since Season 2019/20, unless providing documented change of Residential Address. Those players who have formal acknowledgement of ‘Friendship status’ are exempt of this Rule.

There is a significant change to LL Rules this Season. Players are now longer required to play in a particular Charter to be able to be eligible for selection in a particular LL team. The only requirements now are that players are the eligible age and they have played a minimum of 60% of the games drawn in the current Hills Competition.
Players cannot trial for more than one aged team, so if you are age-eligible for two teams, choose wisely.
Exception players born between September, 2008 and August, 2011 can trial for LL AND the 10-11 team. Where there are two Hills teams in the same Charter they will be selected so that they are of equal strength.
Should players miss a trial the selection process will be that if a player ranked above them is cut, then so too will the player who has missed the trial.
I have some doubt whether there will be sufficient players for two equal strength teams in Junior LL. We cannot enter only one team so there would be no team at all.

It is mandatory that all Parents attending any trial, or any game in Hills sign in on using the Club’s QR Code
Coaches have not yet been appointed for any of the LL teams

Eligible ages are:
10-11 team DOB range – 1st September, 2009 to 30th August, 2011
LL team DOB range – 1st September, 2008 and 30th August, 2011
Intermediate LL DOB range – 1st September, 2007 to 30th August, 2010.
Junior LL DOB range – 1st September, 2006 to 30th August, 2009
Senior LL DOB range – 1st September, 2004 to 30th August, 2006