Please see the Week 1 revised draw below.

Good luck to all our kids this weekend!

Friday 15th September
Youth League1 hour 45 minutes.60’6″ x 90′
Castle HillvBlack Blk@KNIGHTS7:15
Quakers HillvBlack Red@CORBIN7:15
Winston HillvRouse Hill@KELLYVILLE7:15
Saturday 18th September
Cashmore League90 minutes60’6″ x 90′
Carling RedvQuakers Hill@MURRAY FRM 110:30
SchofieldsvCastle Hill@PEEL RESERVE 110:30
Baulk HillsBYE
KellyvillevWinston Hill@KELLYVILLE 110:30
Rouse HillvCarling Black@CENTENARY 110:30
U15 Graham Hay90 minutes 54’x80′
CH CrusadersvWinston  Hills@CASTLE GLN 18:30
Quakers HillvCH Cavaliers@CORBIN 28:30
BlacktownvRouse  Hill@LAYBUTT 28:30
U15 Peter Street West90 minutes50’x80′
Winston HilvBlacktown@SUTTON 18:30
Castle HillvQuakers Hill@CASTLE GLN 110:30
U15 Peter Street – South90 minutes50’x80′
RH JaguarsvKelly/ Scho@CENTENARY 18:30
HawkesburyvRH Pumas@BENSONS 38:30
Quakers HvBaulk Hills@CORBIN 210:30
U13 Ken DouglassSix Innings48’x70′
HawkesburyvBH Cardinals@BENSONS 310:30
Winston HillsvCastle Hill@SUTTON 310:30
Rouse HillvQuakers Hill@CENTENARY 310:30
U13  Phil Leonard – West90 minutes46’x60′
RH PumasvWinston H@CENTENARY 38:30
CH SquiresvRH Jaguars@CASTLE GLN 310:30
BlacktownvCH Pages@LAYBUTT 210:30
U13  Phil Leonard – South90 minutes42’x60′
SchofieldsvBaulk Hills@PEEL RESERVE 28:30
CarlingfordvWinston Hills@MURRAY FM  28:30
Quakers HillvKellyville@CORBIN 610:30
Castle HillBYE
U11 Jim Bergan90 minutes42’x60′
CH CavaliersvBaulk Hills@CASTLE GLN 28:30
KellyvillevRouse Hill@KELLYVILLE 28:30
OakvillevQuakers Hill@COLBEE 28:30
Winston HillvCH Crusaders@SUTTON 38:30
U10 Don Petroff Modball90 minutes46’x60′
CH CrusadersvHawkesbury@CASTLE GLN 210:30
RH JaguarsvCH Cavaliers@CENTENARY 48:30
CarlingfordvWinston Hills@MURRAY FM 38:30
Quakers HillvRH Pumas@CORBIN 68:30
U10 Col Daisley Modball90 minutes46’x60′
Baulk HillsvQuakers Hill@NORTHMEAD 58:30
Winston HillsvKellyville@SUTTON 210:30
BlacktownvSchofields@LAYBUTT 310:30