Senior Committee

Position Name Contact
President Mark Maguire 0452 663 473 president[at]
V/P Juniors Matt Watson 0407 414 899 vpjuniors[at]
V/P Seniors Ben Price 0417 449 299 vpseniors[at]
Secretary Lindsay Chappell 0409 204 975 secretary[at]
Treasurer Wayne Edwards 0421 899 725 treasurer[at]

Other Committee members

Position Name Contact
Teeball Coordinator Dave Martyn 0417 344 430 teeball[at]
Registrar (Juniors) Elizabeth Ahmed juniorsregistrar[at]
Registrar (Seniors) Ben Price 0417 449 299 vpseniors[at]
Results Recorder Amber Taylor results[at]
Uniforms (Seniors) Ben Price 0417 449 299 vpseniors[at]
Uniforms (Juniors) Chiara Foeken uniforms[at]
Coaching Accreditation Position Vacant Apply Now
Tournaments Coordinator Matt Taylor tournaments[at]
Scorers Coordinator Position Vacant Apply Now
Umpire Coordinator Andrew Clements umpires[at]
Canteen Coordinator Mark Maguire canteen[at]
Social Committee Jodi Kirby Sam Martyn Natalie Farrugia social[at]
Sponsorship Fund Raising Tim Padovan fundraiser[at]
Hills Delegate Allan White hillsdelegate[at]
Senior League Delegate Ben Price 0417 449 299 vpseniors[at]
Gear Stewards Ben Foeken equipment[at]
Council Coordinator Lindsay Chappell 0409 204 975 council[at]
Dispute Resolution Mark Maguire disputes[at]
Grounds Matt Watson Lindsay Chappell 0407 414 899 – 0409 204 975 grounds[at]
Web Manager Wes Taylor web[at]
Knights News Editor Wes Taylor web[at]

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