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Age Group’s and Training For This Week

Age Group’s and Training For This Week – please read thoroughly and carefully!

We apologise for the delay in announcing teams.
There has been a lot going on behind the scenes to determine teams from 11’s right through to our 17’s.There is now new terminology around how we present some of our age groups.
Most of us are used to saying ‘Under 13’s, ‘Under 15’s and so on… Due to the new age brackets teams will now be identified as the following:

Under 8’s remains Under 8
Under 9’s remains Under 9’s
ModBall remains Under 10’s
Under 11’s remains Under 11’s – Little League Minors
Under 13’s (League Age 12’s) now  known as 12U (12 years  and Under) – Little League Majors
Under 14’s (League Age 13’s) now known as 13U (13 years and Under) – Intermediate
Under 15’s (League Age 14’s) now known as 14U (14 years and Under) – Junior League
Under 17’s (League age 16’s) now known as 17U (17 years and Under) – Senior League

That being said – this week we will run AGE based training sessions for the following teams ONLY:

Under 11’s (Little League Minors) – squad training Thursday at Castle Glen Res – 6pm – 7:30pm

12U’s (Little League Majors) squad training Wednesday at Knights Field (where grading was) 6pm – 7:30pm
13U’s (Intermediate League) and 14U’s (Junior League) squad training Thursday at Knights Field 6pm – 7:30pm
The Squad training is not compulsory. The age groups listed above have not been officially formed, but we hope to have them finalised by next Friday – again, our apologies in the delay.Modball teams are 90% finalised

17U’s have been formed. Coaches have been appointed and should have their team lists tomorrow and will organise training
With 3 of our Executive Committee oversees it has been crazy times here, so i would like to personally thank Elizabeth Ahmed, our new Juniors Registrar, Matt Taylor, Pat Whitton, Dave Martyn and Eddie Seda for the countless hours (past midnight some nights) for everything they have done behind the scenes to make this season as successful as it can be – Thank You!

I will attempt to be at the squad training nights to talk to parents and explain things a little further.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Matt Watson
VP of Juniors