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The Car ride Home – Pt 4

THE CAR RIDE HOME (that takes 5 minutes)

4) The car ride home is an experience that helps define a parent / child relationship. Here are six topics that have helped me improve myself, understand my son better and allow him to challenge himself to be the best athlete he can. This is your fourth ride sitting in the backseat of my car listening in on our relationship. And if you’re wondering… yes, he did agree to everything written.

 At the very least expect THIS from your child.

Theoretically, as parents, we have an unfair advantage of instilling our will and discipline on our kids. Most of us would have no chance if we had to sell our will and discipline to them like one business person to another. That salesperson really has to work to sell their idea or product.

A parent can use their authoritive position to demand the sale… and most of the time the sale to our child is reluctantly bought—I mean enforced.

I’ve tried to enforce my will and my view on my son many times about his baseball. The more I tried to assist—I mean enforce—the more he would resist. By the age of nine he knew, and I knew, and I knew he knew, that he knew much more than I did. He said to me at the age of twelve, “Dad, your job is now to help me with my mind.”

One thing we both agreed upon was one’s attitude towards playing the game. It is easy to tell out there on the baseball diamond—in fact any sporting field—what a kid’s attitude is like by what she or he did: by the speed of running on and off the field; were they watching the coach when they talked to them; did they even listen to the coach… There were always obvious actions one could observe if a young athlete had a good attitude.

In baseball, a simple measure of attitude is how fast a batter runs to first base. A batter hits a ball and by all measures they are guaranteed to get onto first base: do they bust out of the blocks hoping that luck maybe on their side and they are looking at gaining that extra base. Or do they run at 75% with no consideration of getting onto second base.

A batter hits the ball into what looks like an automatic ground out or pop up fly. The batter doesn’t run at full speed to first base; the batter considers themselves a given out. The observers interested in that player are judging the player’s attitude by his or her speed and don’t give up mindset.

Coaches generally want their players to hustle on and off the field; look interested, look alive, look like they want to be there, look like you’re a ball player that cares… Again, this is where a young player’s attitude is judged.

Coaches love a great attitude even over pretentious skill.

Yes, skill can be obvious, but skill with a poor attitude is obnoxious.

A lack of skill, or some bad luck out on the field can’t be helped, but a good attitude will always give hope for a better outcome.

One thing that is never accepted between my son and I is a poor attitude. Whatever team he is on; whoever his teammates are; whatever level he is playing at; no matter if his personal form is down, a good attitude is expected. And this is the one thing that he excels at. So whether he makes it to the top or not a good attitude will help him be successful whatever he does in life.

If you’re ever going to expect anything from your child, if you’re ever going to have those challenging conversations, make it about attitude. Attitude can be measured and seen. You can’t enforce it but you can expect it.

Mark Maguire

(You can contact me at if you would like to discuss your experience or dilemma. I’m always open to learning something new and I’m always open to giving time and thought to help)

Registrations Open

The 2019/20 Baseball and Teeball season is fast approaching.

To Register

It’s time to register your son or daughter with the Castle Hill Knights.

Here is the link. It’s easy and you can get by with no further instructions:

Active Kids Voucher $100 refund

To claim the Active Kids Voucher you need to email the voucher and your bank account details to Elizabeth Ahmed:

Elizabeth can also answer any questions you may have about applying for or claiming your $100.

Given the volume of vouchers we are expecting to receive and the time needed by Services NSW to process the payment, we anticipate that it could take four to six weeks before the $100 is deposited into your account.

The New Registration System: some things we want you to be aware of

The new system comes with:

  • An administration fee that is 3.2% of the total value of the purchase.
  • A 75 cent transaction fee which is levied per transaction e.g. if three children are registered at once, the fee is 75 cents but if they are registered separately, the fee is paid three times.

The administration and transaction fees will be levied at the time of payment and aren’t shown as part of the fees prior to that point.

The registration link is:

Uniform Enquiries

Email Chiara Foeken

Uniform day will be held on Saturday 24 August at Castle Glen. Times to be confirmed. Credit card facilities are now available.

Teeball Enquiries

Email Dave Martyn

Modball and all Liveball Enquiries

Email Matt Watson

Senior Registration Enquires

Email Pat Whitton

Your Help Will Be Required

We are a community club that is 35 years old.

We are a successful and a highly desired baseball club because of our wonderful volunteers who serve in the canteen and BBQ, sell uniforms, help mark up the fields, help maintain the fields, coach, manage, score, umpire, keep the young ones under control in the dugout…

And then there are the hard-working committee members that do so much behind the scenes to help make everything run like clockwork.

We sometimes don’t live up to expectations, but more often than not we set a standard that is envied by other baseball clubs all across NSW and Australia.

We need you to be a part of this happy and hardworking community. You will know when you will hear the calling… or feel the tap on the shoulder to put your hand up.

Your children who play the game will be the winners of your community spirit.

Castle Hill Knights thank you in advance.

For anything else that you need help or information with

that can’t be answered by existing committee members, please email Mark Maguire

The Registration link

2nd Active Kids Voucher

Did you know from the 1st of July you can claim a second active kids voucher?
If you have used your active kids voucher for a winter sport you can now claim a second voucher for use between July and December.

Make sure you apply for your voucher before registration opens this year on 1st August.

Details can be found here

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the Active Kids program.

The Active Kids program provides two $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children to use towards sport and active recreation costs each year.

From 1 July 2019, parents, guardians and carers can apply for the second $100 Active Kids voucher.

Voucher 1 is valid January to December and Voucher 2 is valid July to December.