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Level 0 Umpires course (Mon Nov 30)

We’re holding a Level 0 Umpires Course on Monday, November 30 at Knightsfield at Fred Catterson Reserve from 7 to 10pm for anyone interested.

Visit the link below for more details and to book:

This course will introduce you to the responsibilities, skills and rules of baseball umpiring. Instruction will be by ABF Instructors to the standards required by the Australian Baseball Federation. There is no assessment, however there will be some practical instructions during which participants will be introduced to umpiring techniques.

This course is the minimum level of training our umpires should have to officiate at our games. At completion of the course participants will be registered with the Level O qualification.

Players and parents are encouraged to attend this course.

Please register online and the club will reimburse you for your committment to learning and serving for the betterment of this great game.

Well done for taking the next step.

To book, visit:


For more information please email John Manning: