A message from Hills

Trials for Hills Major Little League will be held at Castle Glen commencing at 9:00am on Sunday the 1st December  and again on 8th and 15th December before breaking for Christmas Holidays. Players must pre-register for these trials. 

Registration is to include player’s name, DOB, Club and two preferred playing positions. This registration is to be forwarded by email to johnyardhere@yahoo.com.au by Thursday 28th November.

To be eligible players:

(i) DOB must be between the 1st September, 2007 and 30th August, 2009

(ii) Must be playing in Hills’ Competition in Catt or Leonard Leagues. Note: Bergan League does not qualify as a LL Charter, players in that Competitions are eligible for Minor LL.

(iii) Must not have changed Clubs or Associations since Season 2018/19, without changing Residential Address. Those players who have formal recognition of ‘Friendship status’ are exempt of that Rule.

Should players miss a trial the process will be that if a player ranked above them is cut, so too will the player who has missed the trial.

Also note:

  • The Wednesday Development program currently being conducted will run for another two Wednesdays.
  • This Season Hills only has to enter one Major LL team, two teams in Intermediate, Junior and Senior LL
  • Trials for both Intermediate and Junior and Senior LL teams will be held in first Sunday in February, 2020. 
  • Coaches have not yet been appointed for any of the LL teams.