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Trials for the 10-11 age Representative team, formally known as Minor LL, will commence on Saturday 1st February, 2020, Sunday 9th February .

The age range for this Competition is slightly different to that of the Hills’ Competition. The eligible age range is September, 2008 to August, 2011. To be eligible to trial players must be playing in a ‘live ball’ Competition, Bergan, Leonard or Catt Leagues.

There is confusion re the eligibility of nine year olds to play. My guess is that this will be their final year of eligibility.

Hills will enter two teams in this Competition, the teams will be of equal strength. Only 12 players will be selected in each team. This is a ‘trade off’ between two less players having the opportunity of selection and greater participation for the 24 selected players. Otherwise, the minimum participation in LL Championships is one ‘At Bat’ and one Fielding Innings. There is no use thinking that this won’t happen to your child because it most probably will.

Players are required to pre nominate to trial. Nominations to, information required is Player’s Name, DOB, Club and two preferred playing positions. Pre registration by 29th January, 2020.

Players who have changed Clubs or Associations, without changing Residential Address and do not have ‘Friendship Status’ under the Hills Rules are ineligible to trial. Players with dual Membership with two Associations may also be ineligible to trial.

Date of State Championship is 16th to 19th April, 2020 at Aquatic Reserve, French’s Forest. Cost is estimated at $120. There is no National LL Championship for this age

Players who unsuccessfully trialled for LL Representative team are eligible for Selection.

This will be Hills’ most competitive age this Season as there a number of age eligible players to trial who are already playing in both Divisions of Catt League (13U)