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Presentation Day & AGM

It’s that time of year again to celebrate & congratulate all our Junior Knights Players at our Annual Presentation Day.

This year we will be holding the event on Sunday 21st March between 1pm-4pm at Castle Glen Reserve. We will be adhering to the Social Distancing measures and other protocols that are set through Baseball NSW. It will be great if you could join us to reminisce on another great year of baseball for Castle Hill. Below is a run sheet on how the day will pan out. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Dave Martyn

Please also remember that after the Presentation has concluded the club will be holding its Annual General Meeting straight afterwards. Attending the AGM will give you a chance to get to know other members of the club, hear about what has been achieved in the last year, a chance to provide any input you may have, and prepare for the future.
Ideally, you might also feel inspired to volunteer to help at the club to make baseball at Castle Hill Knights a great experience for everyone, or even join the committee.
We do hope that you join us at the AGM and encourage others to attend. We hope you enjoyed the 2020/2021 season and will be part of making future seasons even greater.

Running Order

1:05 – 7u Heralds – Warren Playle
1:10 – 7u Cavaliers – Brad Gorten
1:15 – 7u Squires – Scott McKay
1:20 – 7u Pages – Dave Duncan
1:25 – 7u Crusaders – John Roberts
1:30 – 7u Lancers – Luke Hogan
1:35 – 8u Gems – Pheebe Watson
1:40 – 8u Bowmen – Greg Sworden
1:45 – 8u Crusaders – Dave Hanretty
1:50 – 9u Archers – Doug Colville
1:55 – 9u Jesters – Sean Brennan
2:00 – 9u Crusaders – Wes Taylor
2:05 – 9u Cavaliers – Pat Trimboli
2:30- 10u Cavaliers – Andrew Clements
2:35 – 10u Jesters – Colin LeClere
2:40 – 10u Crusaders – Brett Piper
2:45 – 12u Cavaliers – Matt Tebbet
2:50 – 12u Crusaders – Dave Martyn
2.55 – 13u CH/QH JV – Eddie Seda
3:00 – 14u Knights – Matt Taylor
3:05 – 14u Bowmen – Neil Thomas
3:10 – 16u Bowmen – Tim Richards
3:15 – 16u Crusaders – Nick Chappell
3:20 – 16u Cavaliers – Brendan Wallace
4.00 – AGM