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Senior LL Trials

Senior LL:
Players are invited to pre nominate to trial for Senior LL. Nominations to, information required is Player’s Name, DOB, Club, two preferred playing positions. Pre registration by 21st February, 2020.

Players who have changed Clubs or Associations, without changing Residential Address and do not have ‘Friendship status’ are ineligible to trial. Players with dual Membership involving two Associations may also be ineligible to trial.

Yet to determine the dates of the trials, the weather has interfered with trials for other LL teams. There is the added complication of players, who wish to trial, being involved in U18 State League.
Best guess is trials will be Sunday afternoon.

The eligible age range is September, 2003 to August, 2005. To be eligible to be selected players must be playing in either Youth or Cashmore Leagues and played 60% of the scheduled games (estimated at 12).

Hills have to enter two teams in this Competition, the teams will be of equal strength. There is no guarantee that players will be selected with their friends.

I fully understand the Financial demands of participating in LL National Championships, especially for those players who have attendedU16 National Championship. With that in mind, Hills will not insist on either team attending the National Championship if it qualified. That decision will be made by the successful team.
Our initial aim it to have competitive teams for the LL State Championship as we can control those costs.

Should we have insufficient players to form two teams (minimum of 22) then we will not enter one team in the State Championship as, based on last year, the team would not be included in the main draw. Last year’s experience in the Junior LL Loser’s Pool was unsatisfactory.

Date of State Championship is 21st to 24th April @ BISP. Cost is estimated at $150.

The National LL Championship for this age will be held in May, 2020 in Lismore. The estimated cost for that Tournament is $2,300