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The passing of a great lady…

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Wendy Vigenser on Sunday.

Wendy was a past Treasurer of Hills and was Life Member of Kings Langley Club where she performed a number of Roles, including President.

Wendy was a ‘can do’ person, large in stature but even larger in character and integrity. Among Wendy’s many talents was a very successful T Ball Coach in her own right.

Hills named the Under 9 T Ball competition, the Wendy Vigenser League, in recognition of her services to Baseball within Hills.

I am positive that the great sadness we feel today is also being shared in the Seven Hill Primary School community, where she taught for many, many years before retiring.

To Bruce and their children Nathan, Sarah and Lauren we extend our deepest sympathy.

Wendy’s funeral will be held at:
Castlebrook Memorial Park, Rouse Hill on Friday Feb 26 at 9am.

J Yard

Heat Policy (for Hills midweek and weekend games)


View Heat Policy and printable chart with “cut off” curve.

It is based on a combination of Temp and Humidity.

Key points:

  • DO NOT Start a Game if the WBGT temp is 31 or above.
  • A game “in progress” may continue at WBGT 31 or 32.
  • All play must cease immediately above 32 WBGT.

The game is to be treated as a washout (heat effected) game.

Refer to your conference sheet for the minimum game time to become a “regulation game”.

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