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Grading Dates – Season 2023/24

Our 40th anniversary season is happening this year!

It will be an incredible year to be part of a Knights team as we celebrate on and off the diamond this massive milestone.

AgeDate & TimeLocation
League Age 10
1/9/13 to 31/8/14
League Age 9
1/9/14 to 31/12/14
Tuesday, 1 August
Check in 5:30pm
Starting 6:00 start
Castle Glen
League Age 11
1/9/12 to 31/8/13
Thursday, 3 August
Check in 5:30pm
Starting 6:00pm
Castle Glen
League Age 12
1/9/11 to 31/8/12 
Sunday, 30 July
Check in 5:30pm
Starting 6:00pm
Knights Field
14U Junior League – Age 13/14
(DOB 1/9/2009 – 31/8/2011)
Sunday, 6 August
Check in 2:30pm
Starting 3:00pm
Knights Field
16U Senior League – Age 15/16*
(DOB – 1/9/2006 – 31/8/2009)
Monday, 31 July
Check in 5:30pm
Starting 6:00pm
Knights Field
*An allowance for players with DOB between 1st September 2006 and 31st August 2007 has been allowed this year. Players are permitted to play State League, SMBL/PCBL or Women Senior Baseball.

**Modball Age group change

Please note – Hills Baseball have updated the age brackets for Modball. 

The age group for Modball has been brought forward. The existing age bracket of 1/1/14 – 31/12/15 has now changed to 1/9/2013 – 31/8/2015. If you were born between 1/9/2013 and 31/8/2015, you’re eligible to attend the grading and secure a spot in the teams.

For those born in the age range (September – December 2015) that was previously included, there may still be an opportunity to play Modball. For this to happen, the club’s standard grading policy will remain, in that we need to grade players in their corresponding age brackets. Players within the age bracket will be given spots in teams before we seek dispensation for any young players to play ‘up’ from Teeball to Modball.

This is the case for all age brackets and not a ‘special rule’ for Modball.

*** A second grading night may be required for age groups, if required communication will be sent the day after the initial grading night has been completed.

If you child is unable to attend their grading date, please contact

Grading will COMMENCE SHARPLY AT THE TIMES INDICATED ABOVE so please do not be late. If you turn up at these times you are already late! Please make sure you allow yourself enough time to park and walk your child across to Knights Field, we recommend you start arriving from 30 mins prior so your child can be ticked off, collect their bib number, and make their way down to the diamond.

Grading System

This season we are making some slight changes to how players are graded and how teams are selected or split. CHBC has formed an Independent Grading Panel which will be responsible for grading and forming the live ball teams. 

The panel consists of Matt Taylor, Brett Piper and Matt Watson.

We are motivated to provide each and every child the best possible experience at each and every game.

If anyone has any questions or requests regarding Grading or any requests regarding teams/coaches, please email . All discussions will be kept confidential within the panel.

Note – No grading is required for Teeball. Simply ensure your child’s registered to play.

Please register your child for Season 2022/23 straight after you have registered for grading: